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Title Author Year
Jackson 5 at Home 1971
It’s a Jackson 5 rehearsal and you’re invited! 1971
J5—Go thru their pockets! What’re they hiding?—WOW! 1971
Little Big Man & The Jackson Four A. U. 1972
Jackson Five sparks kiddie pandemonium Jack Hafferkamp 1972
Mike Jackson - Spy On Him LaToya Jackson 1972
Mike plays the Dating Game! 1972
“Ring-a-ling!... Michael Jackson calling!” 1973
Join in with The Jacksons and dance 1973
A Holiday Visit with the Jackson Five William E. Berry 1973
Michael Jackson: Now 17, Quietest J-5 plots his future Walter Burrell 1976
Michael Jackson: A young bachelor married to music Bob Lucas 1977
Michael Jackson flew into town Francine L. Trevens 1977
On the Move Robert Windeler 1978
Michael Jackson 1979
Through the years with Michael Jackson! 1981
Michael Jackson: The Peter Pan of Pop 1983
Michael Jackson: Life as a Man In the Magical Kingdom Gerri Hirshey 1983
Brazilian Chef Remi Vila Real and Michael Jackson. Remi Vila Real 1984