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Tytuł Autor wypowiedzi Rok wypowiedzi
Jackson 5 at HomeYes 1971
J5—Go thru their pockets! What’re they hiding?—WOW!Yes 1971
It’s a Jackson 5 rehearsal and you’re invited!Yes 1971
Jackson Five sparks kiddie pandemonium Yes Jack Hafferkamp 1972
Little Big Man & The Jackson FourYes A. U. 1972
Mike Jackson - Spy On HimYes LaToya Jackson 1972
Mike plays the Dating Game!Yes 1972
“Ring-a-ling!... Michael Jackson calling!”Yes 1973
Join in with The Jacksons and danceYes 1973
A Holiday Visit with the Jackson FiveYes William E. Berry 1973
Michael Jackson: Now 17, Quietest J-5 plots his futureYes Walter Burrell 1976
Michael Jackson flew into town Yes Francine L. Trevens 1977
Michael Jackson: A young bachelor married to musicYes Bob Lucas 1977
On the MoveYes Robert Windeler 1978
Michael JacksonYes 1979
Through the years with Michael Jackson!Yes 1981
Michael Jackson: Life as a Man In the Magical KingdomYes Gerri Hirshey 1983
Brazilian Chef Remi Vila Real and Michael Jackson.Yes Remi Vila Real 1984
Marlon Brando’s telegram to MichaelYes Marlon Brando 1984