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Tytuł Autor wypowiedzi Rok wypowiedzi
Michael Jackson: The Peter Pan of PopYes 1983
Neverland after darkYes 2011
Michael Jackson: The Prince of PopYes 1984
Join in with The Jacksons and danceYes 1973
50 Facts you never knew about Michael Yes 1984
“Ring-a-ling!... Michael Jackson calling!”Yes 1973
J5—Go thru their pockets! What’re they hiding?—WOW!Yes 1971
Jackson 5 at HomeYes 1971
Through the years with Michael Jackson!Yes 1981
Mike plays the Dating Game!Yes 1972
Michael answers youYes
Michael: 18 exciting tips on how to catch himYes
Michael Jackson The FlirtYes
It’s a Jackson 5 rehearsal and you’re invited!Yes 1971
Michael JacksonYes 1979
Katherine Jackson on Piers Morgan Tonight
My dinner with Michael Jackson and W. Clement StoneYes 1987
"This Is It" Yes 8-Point Rose 2009
Here todayYes Aaron Hart 2009