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Tytuł Autor wypowiedzi Rok wypowiedzi
For my Angel… Yes TheGlovedOne1992 2009
Marlon Jackson's speech at Michael's memorialYes Marlon Jackson 2009
See You Later Yes Karina Pasian 2009
NeverlandYes Laura Shay 2009
Il était une fois MJYes Black Kent 2009
Michael Jackson: triumph and tragedy Yes Linda Grasse 2009
Interview with Cory Rooney and Chris ApostleYes Cory Rooney, Chris Apostle 2009
Billie Jean is waitingYes Henry Gorman 2009
You are God's SonYes Angela Ezenta 2009
Berry Gordy's speech at Michael's memorialYes Berry Gordy 2009
A Prayer for Michael Jackson Yes Reza 2009
When the world awakesYes Fans 2009
Sheryl Crow shares her feelings about Michael JacksonYes Sheryl Crow 2009
Brad Buxer Interview (Black & White, November/December 2009)Yes Brad Buxer 2009
My close encounter with Michael Jackson Yes Gwen J. Cariño 2009
The Night I Played Piano For Michael JacksonYes Mona Lisa Mouallem 2009
Ty Jsi Král Yes Ewa Farna 2009
You'll be thereYes Michael Rouven 2009
Небо на двоихYes Justice Rainger 2009
Don't say goodbye to meYes Robert Kelly 2009