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Tytuł Rok wypowiedzi
Statement on lies in pressYes 1984
California Raisins Commercial with Michael Jackson Yes 1989
Michael Jackson recording during Dangerous album session with Brad Sundberg.Yes 1991
Introduction to pigtails and frog legsYes 1993
Speech about child molestation allegations Yes 1993
Healing Tape for Mr. MoritaYes 1993
Grammy Legend Award speechYes 1993
NAACP Image Awards speechYes 1994
Michael talks about some of his songs Yes 1995
New Year's wishes for PolandYes 1997
Bollywood Humanitarian Award acceptance speechYes 1999
Michael’s speech at MJ&Friends Seoul 1999Yes 1999
Angel of Hope Awards speech Yes 2000
My childhood, my sabbath, my freedom Yes 2000
World Music Award acceptance speechYes 2000
Speech during "United We Stand" ConcertYes 2001
Heal the Kids speechYes 2001
Oxford speechYes 2001
Bambi Awards acceptance speechYes 2002
Billboard Music Awards Yes 2002