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Tytuł Rok wypowiedzi
Earth song speech from This is itYes 2009
This is it announcementYes 2009
NRJ Awards message Yes 2008
You are so beautiful Yes 2006
How does it feel?Yes 2006
MTV Japan Legend AwardYes 2006
Trial statement Yes 2005
Michael Jackson calls fans at Support RallyYes 2005
AASA Humanitarian AwardsYes 2004
Power of Oneness AwardsYes 2003
45th birthday party speechYes 2003
A Special MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speechYes 2002
Killer Thriller Party speechYes 2002
Christmas message to GermanyYes 2002
Billboard Music Awards Yes 2002
Bambi Awards acceptance speechYes 2002
Exeter Stadium speechYes 2002
Speech during "United We Stand" ConcertYes 2001
Heal the Kids speechYes 2001
Oxford speechYes 2001